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We are on a mission
to change the way we
teach & learn about the oceans.

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"In 2017 a global survey found that while 70% of citizens believe the marine environment is under threat from human activities, only 15% think the health of the ocean is poor or threatened."


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With greater public awareness and engagement in the protection of our oceans, which cover 70% of our planet's surface, we are looking at a brighter future for us all.

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The reality is we are all
going to be affected
by the consequences.


Here's where we come in.

We work to introduce the best ocean literacy practices to schools
and institutions around the globe.

Ocean literacy is an approach that aims to educate about marine environments, the influence we have on them, and the effects the ocean has on us. The 7 key principles guide learning about the oceans worldwide to change the way we think about this ecosystem.

There are two parts of our approach that make us unique.

We emphasize youth involvement in every single step of the process. From creating educational materials to reaching out to teachers and schools, we want to hear from every stakeholder.

The ocean affects every field, and thus learning about it should be interdisciplinary - we merge fields to create engaging workshops and lesson plans.

What we do

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Work with teachers & schools to incorporate ocean


Create educational materials & projects for the 21st century classroom

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Promote youth engagement in education and ocean conservation

We are a teen-led

As a teen-led organization, we bring a different perspective to the table. We are an international team and together have a wide variety of interests, experiences, and skills. We offer unique opportunities for students to switch roles with teachers and design classes themselves.

Our current programs

10K Ocean Literacy

We are working to introduce ocean literacy programs to 10,000 schools around the globe.

Thriving Corals
Education Center

Our online education center offers free online courses with topics related to the ocean.


Internships are unique opportunities for high school and college students to get involved in our programs and learn new skills.


The world is changing, and so are we.

We strive to keep up with the ever-changing fields of education and ocean conservation.

We believe a better world is more diverse.

Bringing together an international group we challenge our assumptions.

Different, bold, new, and improved.

We look for ideas that are out of the box and will truly make a difference.

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For teachers

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We are Thriving Corals.

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