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Let's make something cool together!

Our collaborations


Angela Latoń

Digital illustrator

Angela has been creating digital art for Thriving Corals since 2019.

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Kimberly Shwarz

Artist & marine biologist

I’m Kimberly (25) a marine biologist and artist from Bremen, Germany.

Since I was a little kid, I was fascinated by the ocean, so it was obvious for me to go into marine science. Combining science and my passion for art went into what I am today: a marine illustrator using watercolour and ink to illustrate the beauty of our world/our oceans and to inspire others to help save the ocean.

Lorac cover.jpg

Neus Figueras

Book author, "I'm with Lorac"

From a marine scientist and writer, Lorac is a story for teens and adults to connect with the ocean and protect it through an exciting adventure.

Thriving Corals has partnered up with Lorac to create educational materials about the oceans.

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