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Instution-wide ocean literacy programs that make waves
in your community.

What is ocean literacy?
Why would I need it at my school?

Ocean literacy is the understanding of the ocean, our effects on the ecosystem, and how it changes us. It helps us build connections with nature to protect it better, create a sense of community, and learn new skills. 

Are you looking to connect your school to your local nature? Even schools further in the mainland, without access to the coast, can benefit from an ocean literacy program. That is because our programs do not only relate to the oceans - they address water-related issues and climate change, too. 

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Not convinced?

Children have a great tool - imagination. 

They love learning about things that are mysterious, inaccessible, and largely unexplored. Right?

Did you think about space? We thought of the ocean!

Read the above again. The ocean fulfills all the criteria, too. Plus, students can connect to it locally through rivers, seas, and other related ecosystems. 

Here's what we can do together.

We work with schools to introduce programs on multiple levels. 

Classes are where the magic happens. Together we can introduce meaningful projects and additions to the courses offered at your school that will teach content through a lens of the oceans. You can learn more about our approach on the For Teachers page.

Beyond the classroom, we encourage schools to organize events. We can help shape workshops at your school for an additional level of engagement and get students involved in the work at Thriving Corals. This includes both volunteering opportunities and internships.

Together we can also organize service opportunities for students locally - this ties in beautifully with curriculum components like Service as Action or Service Learning in the International Baccalaureate. 

Finally, we look at long-term plans. We help schools get certifications related to teaching about the environment and check-in after our initial programs to help continue to build ocean literacy.

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Learn about the process.

Dive into the 4 step process...

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Each school is unique.

Together we can figure out what is best for your community and structure a program that will encourage long-lasting action.

Sounds good?
Let's make it happen!

We are here to answer all your questions and take you through the process.


Send us an email, let us know what your doubts are, and become an ocean literate school!