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Basic information

Our internships are available for all areas of our work. This includes education, communications, social media, and internships specific to current programs.

Our internships are fully remote, which means you can join us from anywhere around the globe. The internships are unpaid - all of our interns and team members volunteer their time to contribute while learning valuable skills and experience.

Interns participate in meetings and projects will full-time team members and see what happens behind the scenes.

Time commitment

Although time commitments vary between fields, our general recommendation is that you should be able to set aside at least 2 hours for synchronous work each week and an additional 2-3 hours for asynchronous work. This makes for a minimum of 5-6 hours. Our meetings are held on Saturdays and will likely not interfere with your class schedule. Our team meeting schedules change, but we create different groups to accommodate time zones as needed.


All high school, gap year, and college students are eligible to join our internship program. You must, however, have an internet connection, a device to work with, and a minimum B2 English level. We look for different additional skills for each position, although there are no 'cut-offs' or set criteria of what must be presented (see PDFs). 

If you are interested - go for it and apply! There is no application fee and we will get back to you quickly about your placement.

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Placement-specific details

Please see the PDFs below for details of each placement. You will be asked for your top choices on the application form.


We offer the unique possibility for high school and college students to get involved in a curriculum design, online course design, and an education internship. While not typically offered for this age group, as a youth led organization we believe (and have seen!) students produce great work in these fields. In fact, all of our lesson plans were created by high school students. If you are interested in education or teaching this can be the perfect opportunity for you!



Apply today!


Fall: September 1st

Spring: March 1st

Summer: June 1st

How to apply

Fill out the Google Form to apply (also linked on the "application form" button). Please make sure to follow the directions available on the form. If you run into problems or have any questions, email us ( 

Please review the PDFs before submitting your application.